Fruit Lupe is fictional character of Shane Dawson.

Fruit Lupe
Fruit Lupe
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Blue
Family & Friends
Family: Gabby (daughter), unnamed second child
Relationships: Ex-Boyfriend (name unknown)
Friends: Unknown
Pet(s): Dog(s)
Series Information
First appearance: Nerd Gets the Girl
Portrayer: Shane Dawson

Fruit Lupe is supposedly of mexican decent. Fruit Lupe's name is actually Guadalupe (Lupe) but her friends call her Fruit Lupe because "She's sweet and she sucks big fat juicy and hard cocks like a toucan." Fruit Lupe has mentioned that she has stolen before as well as given hand & blow jobsl acts for food. Fruit Lupe is loud, talks fast, foul mouthed and opinionated, however she is much less mischievous than other character such as Shananay.



Fruit Lupe works at a restaraunt serving as one of the waitresses. She seems to be quite rude to her customers displaying this is the webisode "Nerd Gets the Girl" when she is texting instead of serving the customers and also implies that she is going to spit in Shane's food. Fruit Lupe revealed in the webisode "Team Yacob or Yedward" that her first fuckinged her boyfriends breaking the headboard with her head. Fruit Lupe got gonorrhea from a guy that claimed he was the manager of Taco Bell and could get her free cinnamon twists for life, this however was a lie.


Fruit Lupe has purple hair put into two seperate buns on top of her head (Onyx's hairstyle from Trollz). She wears a pink shirt covered by a blue sweater and a gold/brown bra. Fruit Lupe wears a lot of blue eye shadow, lipstick and mascara. She also has a teardrop tattoo under her left eye.


In the episode WHO'S THE DADDY? She has a daughter named Gabby which she tought the father was Shane (It was revealed in MOUSE TRAP GONE WRONG that he is not the father tough her real father wasn't mentioned).Then,later in MOUSE TRAP GONE WRONG she became pregnant


Fruit Lupe has mentioned her boyfriend in all of her appearances. In her first appearance she tells Shane that he left her for another girl. In "Team Yacob or Yedward" she mentions her first sexual experience being romantic despite her head getting broken through the headboard. It is unknown if the boyfriends mentioned are the same guy or different.

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